Writer's Trail Terms of Service

By accessing, using and registering to Writer's Trail website you accept to agree to the terms described in this page. In addition, when using the services provided by this website, you must follow the guidelines described here.

These terms and guidelines are subject to change without previous warning. This page will always hold the current valid terms and guidelines.


Writer's Trail aims to respect your privacy. Details on how it's done can be found in our privacy policy.

Intellectual property

Every data inserted by you on Writer's Trail is of your own property. However, we may use this data to improve the web application and make it a better service for you and all other users.

All content provided by Writer's Trail cannot be copied nor used for commercial applications. You cannot use the content provided for financial gain in any way. Any promotion you want to make for Writer's Trail must be free of charge.

Beta test

Writer's Trail is currently under beta test. Only users who possess an invitation code are able to actually use the application. If you do not have one, you'll have to wait until a next batch activation or the actual launching of the service. If you really want to try it out, convince us by sending an email to [email protected].

Payment and donations

The service provided by Writer's Trail is free (as in "free beer") and it'll always be so. We may in the future charge for premium features if destiny says so, but that is not in our plans.

However, to keep the site alive, we accept donations. As we are inspired by NaNoWriMo (though not endorsed by them in any way), we promise that half of the money earned will be donated to the NaNoWriMo organization. The remaining will be used to keep Writer's Trail website live, paying for hosting, domain and third party services used to operate fully. We may also use this money to improve the quality of the website.

User obligations

Writer's Trail provides a service for writers. Such service is meant to be used in a fair way and should not be abused. We reserve to ourselves the right to ban any user who are abusing the service or overloading the server capacity. Any user deliberately trying to crash the service are subject to deal with the penalties of the law.

Copy of code

The Writer's Trail website is open source. However, we do not endorse any similar service based on our code nor any other website that claims to operate under our permission. If you are a developer, consider making a pull request to our repository (which is publicly available at GitHub).