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Know your writing habits

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Custom targets with progress charts

Now you can have that NaNoWriMo feel any time in the year. Create targets for any amount of words and time you want.

Life got in the way? Change the target midway to something you know you can make.

Or increase the target word count if it got too easy.

Custom targets

Register your writing sessions

Know all the time you have written. Keep notes for yourself about how you felt in that session.

You can make a summary to make it easier to find a specific session later on.

Writing sessions

Visualize your progress

Individual progress bars for each project, unrelated to defined targets.

See how close you are of finishing that pet project of yours.

Mark projects as finished and/or inactive. Inactive projects will be hidden from the main dashboard.

Progress bars

A dashboard with statistics

You can see a summary of your statistics and know what are the best session length for you.

Know how much you have written and the period of day you are most productive.

All that without leaving your main dashboard.

Habits and statistics

Application settings

Choose your preferred date and time format and select which data you'll see in your targets charts by default.

Reset the application tour or cancel it any time you want.


Custom genres

Classify your projects in any way you want. A default set is provided but you can add, remove or change them at your will.

If you want to set genres as formats (novel, short story, essay, etc.) that's fine too! Writer's Trail is meant to be very customizable.

Custom genres

Timer & Chronometer

A timer and a chronometer so you can track your writing sessions inside the app.

It fills the form on its own but gives you a chance to review before submitting (you can also edit it later). Now you can focus on your writing!


Statistics about your writing

A lot of information about your writing habits condensed in a single page. Things that you didn't know that you wanted to now are now available.

See your best performance and try to beat it. See also your average and modes and try to change (or keep) them. It's your call!

Full writing statistics

More charts

A neat way to compare your writing habits. See at one glance if you are a person of the day or like to pass your nights by the keyboard.

Those are just a peak. There are a few more charts and also some more yet to come! Provide some feedback if you want to see something else.


And more features to come! What are you waiting for?

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